Christian Life Academy (CLA) provides an academically challenging program while providing individual support for students with special learning needs. Students at CLA typically score 1-2 grade levels above the national average on standardized achievement tests.

CLA is an active member of the Association of Christian School International (ACSI). As a member school CLA is provided with a wide variety of student services and regional competition opportunities.

Fine Arts and Special Activities

Students are encouraged to become involved in the numerous special learning activities. These include elementary choir, dramatic productions, yearbook, the science fair and annual competitions in math, spelling and speech. high school extra-curricular programs include girls volleyball, boys basketball and Robotics.

For most school districts, CLA students enrolled in grades 9-12 as homeschoolers are eligible to participate in public school sports programs. Check with your school district.


The curriculum at Christian Life Academy includes academic rigor and includes Christ at the center of all subject areas.  

Christian Life Academy’s academic curriculum utilizes primarily Abecka and Bob Jones in the elementary grades.  Throughout the high school, there is a variety of content where Christ continues to be the core of each subject.