Pennsylvania businesses can send tax dollars to a private school.

How the Educational Improvement Tax Credit Works:

  1. Any business in PA that pays these taxes can contribute:
    • Corporate Net Income Tax
    • Capital Stock Franchise Tax
    • Bank and Trust Company Shares Tax
    • Title Insurance Companies Shares Tax
    • Insurance Premiums Tax
    • Mutual Thrift Institutions Tax
  2. Determine your tax liability. 90%-100% of the EITC contribution will be immediately approved as a tax credit. The application is one simple page. All the information is available on the state site – search on EITC.
  3. Make the contribution to our approved Scholarship Organization— The Christian Life Scholarship Fund.
  4. The Christian Life Scholarship Fund issues a receipt to you; you forward this to the state. The state issues your tax credit.
  5. The Christian Life Scholarship Fund distributes your contribution directly to approved families for scholarships.

For more information contact Mike Lloyd, Executive Director, Christian Life Scholarship Fund: 3973 State Route 257, Seneca, PA 16346; (814) 676-9360;