Elementary Program 

Young children are all about their senses. While we chuckle at the silly things they say and do, their brains are hungrily building a database and cataloguing system filled with sensory and spatial information that’s absolutely critical for them to grow well. Lots of free play and proper social interaction are extremely critical; and as they grow through elementary, we want to keep balancing activity with learning as much as possible – ‘seat work,’ group work, projects, etc.

Somewhat unique to CLA, we emphasize Bible memory, biblical behavior, cursive writing, phonics, language with a writing emphasis, public speaking, and yes, we still teach Math Facts. 

Meet our first grade 

Visit our first grade classroom by viewing the video.  Mrs. Pentz makes learning fun and does many hands on activities with the children!  


Elementary Curriculum

The elementary program uses materials from the Abeka curriculum and Bob Jones University Press in most subject areas. Quality materials from a variety of publishers are also used as we continually seek the best educational tools available. In addition to the academic program students take music, art, Physical Education and library classes weekly.