“Tick, tick, tick…the metronome signals that PACE/MTC training was underway; most days you could find Mrs. Jones working with children needing help with learning skills. It doesn’t always look like much to the casual observer; but while our academic, robotics and media programs are all getting a lot of attention, our cognitive program is quietly changing lives.

Professionals have long known that the brain is always able to grow and learn, and our PACE/MTC cognitive training is part of the leading cognitive program in the country. This program boasts 35 years of research and over 100,000 students through the program nationwide, with outstanding results. It’s been used successfully with students identified with ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia – along with soldiers having traumatic brain injury, stroke victims, and in some measure with autism – even college students trying to stay sharp for school. So let me tell you about our first student to finish the entire CLA Learning Edge program.

Our First Student, Cole

Cole is an obviously bright, energetic and athletic young man, but he’s struggled with schoolwork since at least 1st grade; and just as with so many “labeled” kids, he could have been destined for year after year of special help and tutoring, probably IEP’s – all without ever truly resolving the problem. Now, after about a year of brain training, we know it’s working.

Now, I can tell you his auditory analysis went up by 11 age equivalency levels, or that his logic and reasoning skills went up by 7 ½ ; but nothing impacts like the day he walked out of training and casually told the secretary, “Oh, now I can read.” Nothing impacts like his first ever 100% math paper posted with the others in the hallway, or hearing his mom say that he volunteers for reading aloud when they have family reading time. When I ponder the implications for this young 4th grader, this can almost bring me to tears; and to hear the thankfulness in his mom’s voice – this was all worth it.

The Learning Edge program is both good science and life changing; I pray that those of you who trouble about your child’s learning skills will consider calling us to ask about ‘brain training.